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  /  Privatization

50 people inside / 20 outdoor peronnes
The restaurant sound system (JBL sound system)
Possibility DJ and or live band

Why privatize Fabrik Bistrot?

Family dinner, professional meals, birthday party, wedding… Any event is reason enough to privatize the Fabrik for you and your guests. Indeed, thanks to our rates and our added values, compared to a standard room rental you will be able to organize the best event!

An alternative to standard room rental

Most of you may have already dealt with renting a room for a wedding, birthday or family event. Remember the journey you had to make to find the perfect room, the endless wait to find THE room, the hope that your favorite is not already booked, the sometimes exorbitant prices for a space not so big! Rest assured there is an alternative to your problem! Contact us to discuss your project.

Personalised service just for you

Of course the service is carried out by professionals. Dishes, carefully set tables, in short, all the advantages of a restaurant just for you!

Privatize a restaurant for work

Of course, privatizing a restaurant is also done in the professional world. There are many advantages. Meetings, seminars, presentations, all means are good to leave the offices and work, for a moment, in an ideal setting for professional development! Indeed, we find that when people leave the offices to change their tune, they are more open to discussion and feel less trapped in work. So it's the perfect place to talk about the company and work in optimal conditions! In round table, rectangular, U or conference mode you customize your second favorite workplace!

To your reservations!

In conclusion, privatization is a more than interesting choice for your events, whether family, friends or professional. A true "Swiss knife", this format allows you to create a real personalized moment for your guests.

See you soon at Fabrik Bistrot!